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DaimlerChrysler AG’s Mercedes luxury department is commencing a brand new incorporated advertising and marketing advocate the business’s brand new Mercedes C-Class entry-level luxury car. The new Mercedes C-Class will present in market using the C-for you motto. In addition, Mercedes will certainly additionally conduct various other advertising and marketing projects to advertise and also support the sales of the C-Class consisting of digital media, television places, print advertisements, as well as various other interaction tasks. Mercedes will certainly additionally broaden the promotion of the C-Class by consisting of a Virtual Mercedes C-Class design in the Second Life online digital world.

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 Our goal for this campaign is to motivate customers to experience for themselves the premium driving culture offered by the new Mercedes C-Class. Clarifies Dr. Olaf, Vice President of Brand Communications for Mercedes Passenger Cars. All communication actions for the C-Class are consequently geared towards direct call with our consumers and potential purchasers. In addition to our attempted advertising approaches, we will also be concentrating highly on various types of direct communication for the C-Class, to be applied at special driving events and find article on choosing an armored vehicles. These procedures will certainly be gone along with by a C-Class Mobile Marketing Special, a presentation within Second Life and also interactive movies on the Internet– ingenious systems that will certainly allow us to get to existing as well as potential consumers of our brand in a targeted manner.

The brand-new Mercedes C-Class marketing project is not unique for the German market. Mercedes Car Group is fine-tuning the C-for yourself campaign to make it adapt in the requirements of the worldwide market. Early this April, Mercedes will certainly begin launching the advertisement projects in high blood circulation magazines such as publications as well as papers. Mercedes will certainly also target cord networks and also TV terminals throughout Germany by creating 30- or 40-second television commercial including Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 driver as well as existing Formula 1 globe champion Fernando Alonso.

Mercedes will likewise dominate the online web market with the launch of the interesting multimedia Mercedes C-Class configuration, interactive online films, and video clip podcast. The interactive Mercedes C-Class configuration allows the visitors to view the specifications and features of the sedan and also build their own bundle for the lorry depending upon their character. Site visitors can choose the desired offered interior and exterior components and accessories, technological components like Mercedes engine kinds or Mercedes manage arm, as well as body shades as well as indoor trims for the C-Class. At the same time, the online community will certainly have an opportunity to be part of Mercedes’ numerous interactive films. These films show individuals that explain the vital information, capability, as well as performance of the brand-new Mercedes C-Class car while they take a trip with the lorry. Finally, customers can download the video clip podcast from Mercedes in 4 episodes that display the growth procedure of the Mercedes C-Class.